Anna W

Shakila and her team of doulas were an invaluable resource for us during the first 2 months at home with our first child. We had the 4 nights a week from 10pm - 6am and they helped with feeding, burping, changing, consoling, and putting back down to sleep. Its such a huge help to have an extra set of experienced hands in the middle of the night so at least one parent gets a good nights sleep. Shakila is also an expert in lactation and sleep training and gave us a plethora guidance on these topics. We worked with Shakila, Sylvia and Manuela and I'd recommend them all. The peace of mind they provided, in addition to the assistance with the actual tasks of baby care, was totally worth the cost!
~ Anna W


Shakila came to us after our 5 week premie son had been back home for 6 weeks. My husband and I were exhausted, getting up every hour to comfort the little guy every single day. We were grumpy and snapped at each other easily. shakila brought sanity back into our lives by allowing us to sleep through the night again. She also helped me train my son to wake up less during the nights by stretching out his feedings. We were able to go to sleep with the comfort of knowing that our little boy was being well taken care of. Getting a night nurse was some of the best money we have ever spent, and Shakila’s one of the best. You won’t regret hiring her.
~ Annie


Please don’t hesitate if you’re considering1 hiring DOULAS by the BAY- it is an excellent decision! Shakila and Ezdora Marando played a pivotal role in allowing my husband and I to cherish those precious first weeks after our son was born. We were able to really savor our time spent with the baby because we weren’t suffering from exhaustion. Shakila and Ezdora provided skilled and loving care 5 nights a week for the first couple months of our baby’s life, allowing us to get a much-needed longer stretch of sleep at night. I slept soundly knowing that my baby boy was in good hands, and I was able to heal faster as a result of getting decent sleep. He was clearly at ease in Shakila and Ezdora’s arms, and his sleep pattern got off to a good start, too! We felt very comfortable having these professionals in our home each night, and they provided valued counsel to us on newborn care. Hiring DOULAS by the BAY was one of the best decisions my husband and I made around the birth of our child.
~ Jessica


Shakila and Ezdora are naturally nurturing, incredibly well informed and trained, and simply easy to be around. They cared for my newborn son, my second child, during the nights which allowed me to get some solid stretches of sleep. I always slept incredibly soundly knowing he was in their care. They had helpful suggestions when he was gassy, endless patience to soothe him to sleep, perseverance in getting him to stay awake to eat early on, and when I woke to feed him, I enjoyed their company. When he was 4 weeks, I told Shakila that her arrival at 10 pm was the highlight of my day! Having Shakila and Ezdora care for our newborn son during his first few months restored my sanity and I happily recommend them to any new parent!
~ Stacy


Shakila and Sylvia were amazing! They took care of our son for his first ten weeks 4 nights a week. They instantly became part of our family. Shakila is so incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of breastfeeding and sleep training, I literally could not have done it without her. 5 stars is not enough, these women are special people that will forever be part of our family.
~ Camille

Caroline L

Shakila and Ezdora were absolute godsends for us and our twin boys. We hired them as night doulas when our boys were about 2 months old. (Born at 35 weeks) They were both incredibly talented caregivers and enabled us and our boys to get some much needed rest. We learned so much from them. They have a ton of experience which they were very willing to share with us first time parents and it was comforting having them here. We highly recommend them and are so grateful for their help.
~ Caroline L

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