Our postpartum doula, Ezdora, just had her last night with us – and I could cry! After reading reviews on Yelp and Berkeley Parents Network, and meeting them, we hired Doulas by the Bay just a month before I gave birth to my daughter in October. They were here three nights a week. To say that it’s been helpful to have Ezdora and Shakila here for 7 weeks is an understatement. To the new moms (or soon to be moms), these things were important to us and the doulas helped get us there: – The baby has been sleeping in her room, in her bassinet, since week two. – Shakila gave us a schedule when our baby was four weeks old, just to give us a sense of what that would look like. For about a week, we woke her up on that schedule, but after that (and ever since), she’s regulated herself. – She is now nearly 9 weeks old and we can tell she’s almost done with the one middle of the night feed. – She began taking a bottle for the middle of the night feed a few weeks ago, so on the nights they’re here I’ve been getting 6-7 hours of unintterupted sleep. GODSEND. Ezdora and Shakila also gave us helpful advice (don’t let the baby get overtired, make sure to use diaper rash cream all the time and not just when they have a rash, etc.). As new parents, there are so many things you don’t know, and having a neutral person (as opposed to a friend or family member) advise you is a good thing. It makes it so much easier to take in. I want to also say that Shakila even came on a night when the power was out across the East Bay. I thought it would be too dangerous for her to drive with the down power lines and wind howling, and just as I was calling her to tell her not to come, she knocked on the door with her huge smile. She was totally fine to be there! The power was out until 5 the next morning, but she handled it just like any other night. It isn’t cheap, but it has been worth every single penny to have sleep at night so that I can focus on my baby during the day – and to have complete peace of mind handing her over to someone that will care for her just as we do. If you can, hire them. Even if it’s just a few nights a week, it’ll be money well spent.


Hiring a night doula was the best thing that happened to our family after our twins were born!!! Shakila is absolutely amazing. She is an extremely positive, nurturing, and competent night doula and an all around wonderful person. She has great judgment and expertise, and will always honor what you want for your family. I completely trusted Shakila with our twins from the first night we brought them home. Our twins slept through the night at 4 months old and have continued to have great sleep habits since our time with Shakila. Besides relieving us of sleepless nights, making sure that I was taking care of myself, and helping to sleep train our kids, Shakila was a great resource for us as new parents…she helped us develop a schedule and systems that worked for our twins and us. I highly, highly recommend Shakila and her mother ( she filled in a few times) for anyone looking for some support in those first months after giving birth.

Jessica K

Shakila is an amazing Doula. In those first hectic nights as a new mother she is a life-saver. Knowing that she was there gave me the peace of mind to get much needed rest. She is very professional, punctual and dependable. She is an expert at newborn care and helps with everything from breast feeding to improving infant sleep. Shakila is very friendly, obviously loves and cares for babies, and is easy to get along with. I would hire her again in an instant. I give her my highest recommendation.
~ Jessica K


Sylvia was a gift to our family. Lucia loved her and she helped us get the rest we so desperately needed. I have already recommended Sylvia and Doula's by the Bay to my OBGYN group and to several friends
~ Sara


I'd just like to say that Karah is a beautiful soul. She is warm, kind, and loving and this was felt by our entire family. My newborn instantly felt calmed in her presence. She has a genuine love for babies and I know my newborn felt so safe and secure in her arms. She went above and beyond to help me with our main areas of concern with our baby – digestion, colic/silent reflex. She sent super helpful suggestions and gave wonderful advice via email, in her own time. Karah was a wonderful fit for our family and we will miss her dearly
~ Amanda


Lucy was a blessing to our family. My little Victoria and all my family loved her. During the beginning of the most important part of our lives she was there to listen to our concerns, to help us get some sleep, to guide us and simply to make our lives easier. Whenever she was here at night I went to bed knowing that my baby was in very loving and experienced hands

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