Hi. I’m writing to recommend our w1onderful night doula, Ezdora Marando. Ezdora was with us for 12 weeks (5 nights a week!) after our twin girls were born last August. She was an absolute life saver and we could not have done it without her. She was a great calming influence on us and on the girls, always on time, and always respectful of our tiny little SF condo. We trusted her completely to care for our girls and she gave us the opportunity the get some much needed rest. Our tiny little girls began sleeping through the night, and were happy, well rested kiddos during the day. We truly believe that Ezdora helped set us on the right track


Shakila is truly wonderful. We interviewed her a few months before our due date and just got a lovely feeling from her and knew she was the right fit for our family. She was with us for the first four months of our baby’s life and she was invaluable. As first time parents, her knowledge base and experience were such an asset. She is extremely knowledgable about breast feeding and helped make sure my milk supply was well established and the baby’s needs were being met. Also, she worked really hard with my daughter on her sleeping as she got older and as as result she is a good sleeper to this day. She also taught us how to introduce bottles, pacifiers etc. Our daughter took to things with ease and I credit this to Shakila’s knowledge and experience. She is very professional, always on time, extremely reliable, easy to reach etc. Also, Shakila has a wonderful calm, soothing demeanor. It really helped set the tone at our house at nights. And, the baby seemed to just melt into her arms when Shakila would pick her up. It felt very natural having Shakila assist us with the baby. Lastly, I just have to mention how giving Shakila is. She would often stay late in the mornings to provide an extremely thorough update on the night or provide tips for the day. One morning she stayed just to play with the baby because she happened to be awake. We continue to stay in contact with Shakila via email and she asks for photos and updates about our daughter. Her work is truly her life’s passion and it really shows in her dedication to the families and children she cares for. We will certainly be hiring her again when we have another baby. She just made having an infant a much more relaxing experience. She is superb!


Ezdora came to our home 4 nights a week for the first 2 months of our third child. My wife and I were at first on the fence about whether to hire a night nanny – I am now very glad that we did! Ezdora is wonderful and my daughter responded very well to her. So far my daughter has been a pretty easy baby, but there were a few nights when she was more fussy than usual – Ezdora handled these nights easily. In fact, we only knew that it was a harder night because of the note that she left. Ezdora was also helpful in suggesting ideas that could help make things easier after we left and was open to helping with small tasks during the night . My wife and I have commented several times that it was a little weird that we would trust someone with our newborn after meeting them for only a few hours – and yet, it felt perfectly natural with Ezdora. She is calm, friendly and clearly loves working with babies. We will definitely be calling her again if our so-far-so-good baby turns into a worse sleeper.


If we could give more than five stars, we would. That’s how much we valued the services provided by Shakila to myself, my wife and our baby girl, Lulu. Shakila started with us as soon as we were back from the hospital. We used her five nights a week. I can’t tell you how many times my wife and I said to each other “Thank goodness for Shakila.” I had fairly serious health problems come up just after our daughter was born, leaving my wife with a much heavier burden. I do not know how we would have gotten through this without Shakila. That’s not an exaggeration. Also, when you work with Shakila, you can’t help but learn a lot of best practices because she’s seen and experienced it all, e.g. -swaddling – making sure Lulu is comfortable and secure to go to sleep -soothing – getting Lulu to sleep, back to sleep -feeding – making sure Lulu is getting enough food, mom is pumping at the right times -sleep training – Lulu slept in her crib from day one If you are considering daytime help OR nighttime help, it is a no-brainer to get nighttime help. Having everyone – baby, mom – as well rested as possible makes things go as smoothly as they can. For nighttime help, Shakila is the best. We thank you Shakila for being part of our family and helping introduce Lulu to the world. Your kindness and calm, soothing demeanor will never be forgotten.


Hiring Ezdora as a post-partum doula when our second child was born was a life-changing experience. She made the first few months of having an infant infinitely easier. She cared for our son starting at 2 days old and instantly brought calm and support to our family. She is extremely respectful of your choices as a parent but will offer up hugely helpful advice if asked. Ezdora has so much experince with babies that she can diagnose problems and offer ideas to instantly nip problems in the bud. For example, our son was taking a very long time (1.5 hours!) to drink a bottle, and it never occurred to us to try a different kind of bottle/nipple. Ezdora suggested a switch and instantly he was sucking them down in no time. Even though this was our second child and so we thought we knew more what we were doing, her expertise came in handy so many times. Ezdora not only cared for our son at night so we could sleep, but also had a sensible and supportive plan for helping him learn to sleep longer stretches at night with essentially no crying. At 3 months he was (usually) sleeping though the night! Ezdora was so successful that she bascially rendered her services unnecessary, and she couldn’t have been happier about that fact. I highly recommend Ezdora.


I was lucky enough to have my best friend give me and my 5 week old son a present of 2 weeks with a post partum doula. Even luckier, that doula was Shakila Marando. I had no idea what I was doing as a new mother and felt confused by the varied and often contradictory information in all the baby books. Shakila brought calmness and confidence to my parenting experience. From the moment she walked through my door she made me feel at ease. She is kind and comfortable as well as experienced and knowledgeable without being judgmental. She clearly knows and loves babies. My baby certainly trusted her and after the first day was already going down for naps by himself. My wish for any new mother would be that she and her baby could have some time with Shakila. She is truly exceptional at what she does and a pleasure to be with.

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