tanya When it comes to postpartum infant care, Tanya is passionate about supporting families through the “fourth trimester.” She enjoys supporting new mothers as they navigate the early days of breastfeeding, and has many tips and techniques to offer. She is also well versed in baby sleep cycles and sleep regressions and can help families understand their baby’s needs and also share how the parents can get more sleep themselves.

Tanya’s passion for postpartum care began with the birth of her daughter in 2014. She found herself reading constantly about everything from newborn sleep patterns to breastfeeding techniques to food sensitivities and everything in between. She soaked up as much as she could, and was always excited to collaborate with other new moms about what was working best for them.

Tanya received postpartum doula training, breastfeeding training and infant CPR certification.

Tanya has a bachelor’s in linguistics and has taken several years of American Sign Language, making her able to also teach baby sign. In addition to working with infants, Tanya has done nanny work for young children and toddlers, and can be helpful as families adjust to having both a toddler and newborn at home.

Tanya lives with her wife and daughter in El Cerrito and brings a unique perspective that other LGBT families may find helpful as well.