Sylvia is a Tanzanian native who loves to carry on her culture’s wonderful postpartum practices.

After relocating to the United States nearly 16 years ago, Sylvia set out to work with children by becoming a nanny. She felt a burning desire
to nurture child development and gained fulfillment every day on the job.

But like many others who first learn about doulas, Sylvia seized the first opportunity to become one. She learned all that she could about postpartum practices and took her formal training to become a doula.

And today, after 5 years of working as a postpartum doula, she agrees that every day is more rewarding than the last.

For Sylvia, seeing her clients smile as a result of her service is pure joy for her. As a mother of 2 children she understands and believes that all women deserve to enjoy their postpartum experiences. It’s a time that every family should recall with utter delight.

That’s why Sylvia will only bring positive support to you and your family. She’ll help you carry out the postpartum time of your life with care and a non-judgmental attitude. (She’ll even cook you up some of her delicious Tanzanian treats!)

And like her other clients, you’ll be enveloped by her sweet and nurturing presence every step of the way.

When Sylvia isn’t working with a family or mother, she enjoys traveling, dancing, and of course cooking. She also loves spending time with her friends and family.