Suzy believes that it takes a village to raise nurtured children. She adapted her sister’s daughter and raised her until she became an adult. She has been caring for children as a nanny for many years prior becoming a doula. She is known as “bibi” which is a swahili’s word for grandmother because she loves and care for
kids from different families in her community.

Suzy understands that families experience a great deal of stress in the early months, especially when there is a newborn in the family. As a Doula, Suzy is committed to helping families maintain a sense of equilibrium. She offers emotional, physical and informational support to families as they become confident in their new roles as parents, and brings nonjudgmental and positive support to the families she serves. Her warm and easy presence has helped her to have a special relationship with children and families as a whole.

Suzy’s eye for detail and organization makes her an amazing postpartum doula who can handle household tasks while gently caring for the newborn and family. Suzy works hard to provide you with excellent education and unyielding support. She likes to educate parents on how to care for their newborn, assisting in bathing, diapering and as well as educating parents on how to handle baby’s “witchy” hour. In her free time, you will find Suzy reading, cooking or caring for neighbors kids.