sima Sima has been working with children for over 4 years as a nanny here in the Bay Area. After relocating to the United States couple of years ago, Sima set out to work with children by becoming a nanny. She finds working with children is such an honorable and fulfilling experience. As a nanny Sima has cared for children as young as two weeks and as old as 11 years.

She has discovered the joy that comes from interacting and connecting with children. Apart from that, through working with children, Sima has learned the importance of caring for another human being.

Sima took training to become a postpartum doula in order to help new parents adjust into their role after the birth of their baby. She will only bring positive support to you and your family with a non-judgmental attitude.

You can count on Sima to make sure that your baby is safe and well cared for. Last year, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, HRM and intends to study for her MBA at Golden Gate University.

Sima speaks Swahili, a bit of Setswana, and knows a few words of Arabic and Spanish. In her free time, Sima loves to read, dance and write. She is now learning how to skateboard.