Samsarah Morgan1Dr. Morgan is an interfaith minister and counselor, family life coach, doula, and hypnotherapist. This year Samsara marks her 35th year as a birth worker and trainer.

Still, when you get through her impressive trainings and certifications…she stands as just a proud mother of 5 who loves to help parents with birthing and postpartum care.

Samsara is a midwife apprentice, Weight Loss magazine’s contributor and an Author. In fact, since 1991 she’s held healing sessions, workshops, seminars, and retreats that have helped couples and families surmount some of their most challenging obstacles.

Samsarah will be your personal support network and knowledge base. She’ll be there with you, guiding you every step of the way through birth and the postpartum time of your life.

She also loves helping and training other birth workers, doulas, and therapists establish their practices and provide better care. This is all to say that Samsarah is restless in her pursuit to help mothers and their families.