Rachel’s love and compassion for children started when she was nearly a child herself. Originally from Tanzania, Rachel was raised to be very sensitive to childcare early on (as is the norm in Tanzanian culture) and witnessed the positive impact it has on a child’s life when done properly.In fact, Rachel’s affinity for
child and postpartum care compelled her to become a doula at DONA international.

She got to work closely with newborns and their mothers, and developed amazing relationships with families of all backgrounds. Clients often remark that Rachel’s sweet and gentle presence is what sets her apart…and it’s definitely a quality she’ll bring when the two of you work together!

In addition, Rachel graduated from UC Davis with a degree in managerial Economics, and a minor in education. She even completed a 40 hour internship as a substitute teacher for Patwin Elementary, helping kids develop their skills in math and English and learning that work and play are both vital to the development of children as a whole.

It’s no surprise Rachel loves working with parents and their children! She loves bringing her experience to bear with expecting mothers…and she’s eager to help you adjust to your new role as a parent once the baby is born.

In her free time Rachel enjoys reading, dancing, exercising, and taking care of her two nieces.