nuriAs the mother of two, Nuri knows firsthand how challenging the first few months of motherhood can be. A practicing doula since 2012, she offers support with kindness and compassion. She has particular experience with sensitive, fussy and/or preterm babies, making her an asset to many families she has worked with. Her own son was born 5 weeks early, so she knows the struggles families like hers can go through.

Her background as a certified holistic nutritionist, health coach, professional chef and over 20 years of infant care experience brought her to the path of the doula. Not surprisingly, Nuri loves to cook nourishing meals for her families as part of the support she offers.

In addition to caring for infants and supporting their families as a postpartum doula, Nuri is also a Trained Placenta Specialist and is certified to encapsulate placentas and make tinctures from them. Nuri enjoys working with families on sleep training whenever the help is needed.