Munira has always seen herself as a doula, even before she knew what a doula was. She is a mother of 3 children and has been a nanny for over 15 years prior to becoming a doula.

Born and raised in Africa, Munira was constantly involved in postpartum work, home birthing, and teaching mothers how to breastfeed. She even learned of countless natural remedies to aid mothers after childbirth. That’s why, years later when she heard about doulas, she jumped on the first opportunity to work as one by getting certified here in San Francisco.

Munira recalls falling in love with the idea of a doula the moment she started taking classes. She saw the effectiveness of fusing the traditional practices of postpartum care with the new innovations and ideas of today. To date Munira has done multiple home births, hospital escorted doula work, and postpartum care.
Munira is indeed a benevolent soul who loves supporting moms or future moms. She cherishes motherhood and the whole experience of birth. And when she’s working with you, her aim will be to make things more comfortable for you and the environment you’re in. She’ll also provide your family with the help and knowledge they need to make the postpartum period of your life a memorable one.