Take a look at her family tree and you’ll probably get why she became a doula.

As the 5th child of eight, Manuela grew up with a ton of brothers and sisters that gave her a first class education in the art of childhood development (and patience!). While some of her siblings played parenting roles with her…a good share of the time she was busy raising the younger ones.

For many kids it’s a chore to raise their brothers and sisters—but for her it was rewarding and fun!

That’s why Manuela get immense satisfaction from helping families transition smoothly into their new and expanding family. The greatest thrill for her is helping families bond with their new bundle of joy…giving them all the love and support she can…and watching them grow over time.

Simply put, her goal is to help you and your family to succeed in your own unique way.

In order to do that Manuela took training and become a certified doula. She is also a Trustline Certified and have all current vaccinations.

Manuela was a nanny all throughout while earning her Science in Health Education Bachelor Degree in San Francisco State University. Her mission is to help families firsthand get the support they needed. This is all to say that when she works with you, she will be in the most nurturing and loving manner. She will be coming into your family with a supportive and non-judgmental attitude, and making sure all your needs are met.