LUCY Lucy was born and raised in Africa. During her childhood her mother travelled a lot and as the eldest girl, she had to take care of her three siblings at an early age.

Lucy is responsible, attentive, nurturing and a loving woman. She is a mother of an amazing little girl. Her desire is to help others become more fully themselves and that’s why she decided to became a teacher. She earned her BA in Education from University of Dar Es Salaam and decided to come to the US to study Early Childhood Education. During her studies she worked as a nanny and as a result she developed more knowledge on how to care for children of all ages.

She has 12 years of experience caring and nurturing infants and toddlers in school setting. She gives so much love to her little ones at school no wonder her colleagues encouraged her to work as a postpartum doula. Taking postpartum doula training seemed a natural thing to do for her.

Lucy love to support women and their families through their journeys’ of parenthood. She is happy to share her skills and knowledge to make their experiences wonderful and fulfilling.