kellyKelly is thrilled to begin work as a birth doula. She is currently pursuing certification, and completed birth doula training. She is ready to help create a positive, loving birth environment with you.

Kelly’s journey to the Bay Area birth world has been long and winding! Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she has a Bachelor’s degree in music and a Master’s degree in Germanic Studies. She’s lived in Europe and several states, and worked as a freelance violinist and then educator before leaving full-time work after the birth of her second child.
Kelly is proud mama to a young daughter and son, and doulas were present at both of their births. While the two births were totally different from each other, the common thread was the strength and resolve she drew from her doulas. The rock-solid support she felt from them at each step of her pregnancy and childbirth journey played an inestimable role in her feelings about the births: a deep satisfaction with the birth experience, and in awe of her powerful body, mind, and spirit. It left her with a passion for childbirth, and the strong conviction that such support should be available to any mama-to-be who desires it.

After visiting and falling in love with San Francisco, Kelly and her wife decided to move their little family here from Atlanta in 2015. She loves to read, travel, cook and eat local food, and walk the streets of her beautiful city.