Kara was born and raised in Brentwood, a small town in the East Bay. Growing up, Kara was inspired by her mother, who worked as a Reproductive Health Specialist at an affordable clinic. After living in Hawaii for one year, she relocated to San Francisco to pursue a BS in Nursing from Dominican University of California; she is set to graduate in December of 2020.

Diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2018, Kara has been an advocate for women’s reproductive health for quite some time. While completing her maternity clinical rotation in nursing school, she uncovered her true passion: caring for mothers and babies. Eventually, Kara hopes to return to school to become a Certified Nurse Midwife.

In the hospital, Kara has supported several women during early and active labor, cesarean sections, and in the postpartum period. She has worked alongside a lactation consultant to assist with breastfeeding initiation in the immediate postpartum period. She has also volunteered at the Santa Rosa Birth Center to gain prenatal experience.

Kara has worked with infants and children as a nanny/babysitter for the past 6 years. She has been trusted to care for children of all ages, ranging from 3-month-old twins, toddlers, to pre-teens.

Kara trained under Birth Arts International for her birth doula certification. In her practice, Kara has found that positioning, soothing touch/massage, and positive affirmations have been tremendously helpful for women in labor. She also utilizes essential oils and is trained to use a rebozo. Fairly new to the profession, Kara is energetic, passionate, and excited to begin her life as a birth doula. Kara realizes that many women view childbirth as frightening and agonizing, and her goal is to change that perspective. Her favorite affirmation is “my body can handle this contraction, because my body made this contraction.” Kara recognizes that by using a doula, women have a more intimate, positive, and empowering birth experience. She believes that women should have access to high-quality reproductive care, including the support of a doula.

In her spare time, Kara enjoys cooking vegan food, walking her dog Oliver, dancing, doing yoga, and spending time with friends and family.