JOANNAJoanna has worked with families as a nanny and caretaker for more than 15 years and recently became a certified birth doula in March 2017. She has a knack for helping others feel safe and grounded,and has a personality that suits
her well to being a birth doula: She is quick thinking, caring, pleasant, and has a good sense of humor. Joanna respects everyone's choices around their body and their baby. She encourages families to take self-empowered, natural routes to health and optimum wellbeing for themselves and their children. Her fundamental philosophy is “resonate what's right,” meaning take what is already working and make it work better. She trusts you to know what is best for your family!

She is also certified in Infant CPR/ First Aid, Homebirth for Doulas, Postpartum Training, and Sound Healing from the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness. She is a certified Mindfulness Educator through Mindful Schools
in Oakland as well.