Originally from Canada, Hannah’s passion for birth began at age 8 when she witnessed the beautiful home birth of her younger sister.

After nearly 20 years pursuing her first career as a classical cellist and cello teacher, Hannah’s dream of becoming a birth worker has finally come true. She is a trained Labor and Birth Doula, Rights-Informed Birth Advocate, and Trans Birth Advocate. Hannah is passionate about working with families of all kinds, including LGBTQI parents and single parents. She supports all reproductive choices, expected and unexpected outcomes, including birth, miscarriage, abortion, still birth, and adoption.

Hannah gave birth to her own babies in 2017 and 2018, at the San Francisco Birth Center. Through months of wonderful prenatal, birth, and postpartum care, she felt deeply supported in the process of growing and birthing a new being. Now she is honored to offer that care to other new parents creating their own empowered birth and postpartum experiences.

Hannah’s loving, compassionate, and engaged personality shine through in everything she does, from holding space for others’ vulnerability in birth and postpartum, to cooking delicious food for her family, friends, and clients, to playing cello for a roomful of dancing toddlers.