GretchenGretchen is a Certified Professional Birth Doula Activist of seven years in practice, professional postpartum doula & 350 hour certified yoga teacher including prenatal practice. With a Bachelor’s degree in Music & Theatre trained in classical western singing & currently in school for the health sciences prerequisite to Midwifery school & studying for an associates in Spanish Language. She loves supporting women to birth their babies whether at home, birth center or in the hospital. With a passion for understanding how to support the body, mind and spirit to work harmoniously to give easeful results prenatally, in labor and postpartum, holistic wellness experience & practice informs her while also trained in Spinning Babies (optimal fetal positioning through alignment & body balancing for Mom). When she is not helping families through this life changing transition she loves to play music, read, dance salsa, be in the ocean, be with loved ones & travel.
Birth philosophy? Gretchen’s philosophy is your philosophy! She will support you in Your vision and desire for Your birth! Her goal is to support you and your partner to feel prepared while trusting in nature, the woman’s body and birth surrounding you all with love to carry forth into your family & community. Providing you with education in your evidence informed choices and options, giving you a sense of empowerment and confidence in your decision making. Prenatally, working with you to explore your
unique needs for comfort in labor by getting to know you personally through a health intake, communicating any fears or concerns and addressing them with options & exercises THAT WORK! Being there at any time you want during labor with intuitive touch to release tension, positive affirmations and mindful knowledge of birth physiology to support natural birth when desired. Birth plans will be reaffirmed throughout labor to encourage the strength you have within & advocacy to support those choices where needed. Using your birth plan as a blueprint, you are free to sway from your birth plan at
any time and Gretchen will support that too. Gretchen brings compassionate, nonjudgmental, positive loving communication, evidence informed knowledge, and kind helping hands/touch to support a calm birthing Mother & family.