Danielle is a postpartum nurturer, an intentional being and vulnerability advocate.She offers parents with the support they need in surrendering to receptivity, slowing down with intention, and staying nourished-mind, belly and soul. She is deeply passionate about her work, by supporting families in the preparation of creating a cozy, welcoming space for their baby and new lifestyle.

Danielle utilizes her gift and passion to make a valuable difference. When she worked as a Bridal attendant, she brought ease and comfort to ‘The brides to be’ and worked with the youth in various fulfilling ways- as a big sister, a dance teacher, a camp counselor and a nanny. She has 15 years of experience with children and with families. Danielle has helped raise some incredibly resilient, empowered and communicative little beings-full of empathy and true expression.

Through the years, She has grown deeply curious to learn encouraging communication and unconditional ways of supporting children. Now it is her pleasure to share that knowledge she has gained over the years with parents, supporting them to build a healthy foundation right from the start as a certified doula. Danielle continue to expand her knowledge with workshops, readings and community connection.