Coral is a Birth doula and mother, whose own experience of being pregnant and giving birth turned her towards the path to become a Birth Doula. She loves being a doula and to be a part of each mother’s journey to birth. She feels honored to witness the beauty of the ritual of birth; and to help women and families plan and experience their pregnancy and birth with joy and confidence.”

As a birth doula, Coral’s goal is to empower mothers by sharing her education and experience, making certain that they feel all of their questions answered. She attends births with the mother’s goals in mind and with the focus on supporting, holding space and caring for her clients in any way that they need. Sometimes, this means that she has to lead, sometimes follow, always by listening to and respecting the birthing person.”

Coral is a Trained Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, ChildBirth Educator with Lamaze, Rebozo training, Breastfeeding Educator and Massage Therapy. As a doula, Coral’s experience includes Twin Pregnancy, both Hospital and Home Births, working with People of Color and the LGBTQ community. Her commitment to being a doula drives her to seek out varied and ongoing education; and she has attended doula focused seminars which include: the “Comforting Touch” course with Yiska Obadia,many Breastfeeding Courses, Baby Wearing Education, Experienced Rebozo Training, and Acupressure Points for labor. Additionally,Coral brings training related to caring for women with previous trauma, and as a sensitive, loving and caring human. Coral volunteers her birthing doula skills with Birthways in Berkeley for mothers who are looking for doula support.

Prior to becoming a doula Coral worked as a massage therapist; and her client’s have found that they can request the incorporation of massage throughout labor and that it can be remarkably helpful. Additionally, Coral brings over 15 years of professional newborn and infant child care experience that helps new parents understand how to plan for and adapt to their lives with their newborn.

Coral has a confident, positive and calming energy that she brings to each mother’s birth space, whether it be in a hospital or home setting, medicated or unmedicated birth, She works well with the medical teams and Midwives to ensure your preferences are heard, by working closely as a team to help the Birthing person and the entire family achieve a positive and beautiful birth experience.