Calm. Intuitive. Nurturing.

We hear these three words being used over and over again by clients to describe Nicky!

Born and raised in Canada, Nicky has been a childcare provider to families for
over 11 years. Even when she relocated to the Bay Area in 2014, she couldn’t help but find work as a nanny (It was just the natural thing to do!).

Since then she’s been encouraged, no more like urged, to become a doula by other doulas and the families she’s worked with. Of course, she didn’t want to make that decision lightly. After all, your postpartum time is a delicate and sacred period of your life. However, while studying at the Masters level in Anthropology (her focus is on women and gender) it became clear to her that she wanted to support people in a hands-on way.Well, becoming a doula is as hands-on as it gets!

Nicky made the decision to become a certified postpartum doula, and is currently working on becoming a certified birth doula.

For Nicky, it’s extremely fulfilling to empower women to make informed choices about their health and well-being. She loves connecting families to the emotional, educational, and physical support they need to enjoy each stage of building their family including preparing for baby, birth, and postpartum.

Connect with Nicky today and let her help you and your partner transition into your new roles as parents.